Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Belated Early Father's Day Post

  Rowen was just over a day old here and we were getting ready to leave the hospital. Just about 24 hours into Lowell being a Dad.  

Rowen loves goofing around with her Dad.... and I love watching them together.  I can already foresee her being a teenager and totally hating her Momma for not being fun and cool like Daddy.

Happy Father's Day Lowell!  What a crazy amazing adventure we're on together with Ms. Baby!


I forgot to post photos from Lowell's Early Father's Day.  Early because he would be away for actual Father's Day.  He wanted to have a picnic, so we had a picnic with friends in Trinity-Bellwoods.  

Thank-you friends for coming and hanging out with us!!

Uncle Leland (one of Rowen's "real" Uncles!) is very tolerant as she tries to remove hair from his head.

I baked carrot cake cupcakes, as per Lowell's request.  I cheated and used cream cheese frosting from a tub though...

Oh Lowell.


  1. Your babe is adorable!! And the cupcakes look delish.. if you ask me, using frosting from the tub is totally acceptable! xo

    1. Aw thank you! I think she's pretty darn cute too. :) Sometimes, tub frosting is just necessary and does the trick perfectly right?

  2. Oh please! You'll be the coolest mom ever for mini-Zoe. Cute post the day looked like fun!!


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