Thursday, June 28, 2012

Small Space...Big Big Love

I recently came across an article about a couple in New York City who lived in a typical New York City studio apartment and they had a baby.  They didn't immediately sublet the apartment and put a down payment on a mortage for a house in the suburbs.  They didn't even move to a bigger apartment.  They made their space work!  How brilliant!  You must take a look at it!

Baby's Nursey in a Closet:

This article made me happy.

There is this conception that babies need a lot of stuff.  But they don't really! Children, maybe yes.  Children need a lot of stuff.  But all a Baby wants from you is love, food and a safe cozy place to sleep.  Oh and diapers! Lots of those.

I must admit that I have felt...not embarrassed, but sheepish about the fact that Lowell and I do not have a bedroom for Rowen.  I've caught onto friends and family looking around for the rest of the apartment after they peer into our tiny bedroom from the livingroom/kitchen when they come here for the first time.  Rowen shares a bedroom with us and up until the time that she was about 3 months, she shared our bed with us.  We didn't plan the bedsharing thing but it turned out to be what worked for our little Family.  She now sleeps in her cradle next to our bed and will get a grown-up crib this coming month.

When we hung out with the other parents from our pre-natal class, the host couple who lived in the rather LARGE two bedroom + den (+ a livingroom and kitchen that could fit out entire unit inside it) balked about how baby stuff was taking over their tiny place.  I remember making eye contact with Lowell across the room.  We were both thinking the same thing... "BAHAHAHA they should see our place!"  

Yes, as Rowen continues to grow way too quickly we will move and find her as much space as we can.  She will have a bedroom to call her own.  She will have space to play with her toys.  But in the meantime, while she is a Baby, I don't think we are failing her in any way.  This article reminded me that we are doing a good job regardless of living in a small space.  She has everything she needs to be a strong, healthy, growing Baby.  She is the love of our lives and I tell her this no less than a few dozen times a day.  Sure she doesn't have her own bedroom yet...but she is Happy!  

Square footage and good parenting?  Irrelevant I say!  Let's judge by how big your Baby's smiles are!

Rowen and Chip the Cat
(Chip is her favourite toy that she selected herself from her PILE of stuffed animals and a relic from my younger days)

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