Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby at the drive-in and a few random photos

This week flew by! I find myself saying that every single week, but it's just the truth!
Last Friday, we took a Family trip down to the drive in movies. Did you know that there is a drive-in theatre down by the waterfront/industrial part of town? So fun!

We ate dinner, bathed the Rowen Baby then headed out. With the back-backseats down, there was a nice big space in the back of the car. We padded it down with blankets, brought snacks, bought popcorn and had a nice camp-out while watching The Avengers. Baby had her bedtime snacks when we got there and slept luxuriously sprawled out on her back the entire time! It was a fun way to spend some time out of the house together. Plus Lowell and I got to see a current movie without needing a baby-sitter. I recommend a trip to the drive-in for everyone.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I'm not quite ready to leave the baby without either Lowell and Me present just yet! I think I would be stressing out the entire time! A few weeks ago, we did manage to take a trip to Canadian Tire while Rowen stayed with her Grandma and Grandpa for an hour or so. That's a start!

And now, some random photos from our week:

Chip the Cat, Rowen's best friend after Momma and Daddy...

Eileen the Bean stands guard

Never to small to ROCK!

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