Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 months old

Today, Rowen is 4 months old!  FOUR MONTHS!  I will be a broken record and say once again that I can't believe how quickly time is flying by...  and how big she's getting!!

Today I hit a wall at around 5pm like I often do now that Ms Baby has taken to getting up at dawn....  I had to lay down in bed for "just a few minutes" and set Rowen up  next to me with Chip the Cat and barricaded her in with pillows.  I woke up 20 minutes into my half-sleeping to her little hand stroking my lips and teeth, little fingers trying to wedge themselves into my mouth.  Oh little one....

I still can't believe how blessed and lucky we are to have the best behaved baby in the World.  Yes, of course we're slightly biased... And of course she does have her fussy moments but I swear, we won some sort of lottery.  From the moment she was born until now, she is just the most chillaxed little Baby.

Earlier this week, at her check-up and vaccines, she didn't even panic or freak out after she was jabbed with two needles at the same time!  I don't think that I could even handle two needles at once!  Mommy may be good at wielding needles around animals, but being around needles outside a veterinary context makes me stressed and queasy.  I felt awful all morning leading up to her appointment...and the day before.  I felt so awful that our adorable, sweet Baby who trusts us was going to get stabbed with needles and it would be our fault she was hurting.

Last time she had needles, Lowell held her while she was jabbed...  this time around, we couldn't find parking so I went up alone.  I kept hoping that Lowell would get upstairs in time so that I wouldn't have to hold her.  At the very last second, as they were swabbing her chubby thighs with alcohol, Lowell made it.  I felt like wussing out and making him switch spots with me, but I was brave and stayed put. Rowen was so excited to see her Daddy and was momentarily distracted.   I held onto her little hands and braced myself while she got stabbed. But she only cried for about two seconds after the needles and then kinda looked around as if to say "wait... that wasn't so bad.  Yeah, I'm okay now" and abruptly stopped crying.  She was smiley and happy the rest of the day!  How?  How is she so good?  AND HOW IS SHE SO STINKIN' CUTE???

I feel so lucky to be your Momma, Rowen Baby.  You are amazing and I'm still in awe of what a great little person you are!  I can't wait to keep learning and growing with you for years and years... and squishing your little face with kisses and cuddling in bed with you in the morning.

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