Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photos: First week without Daddy & Serious bedhead

Momma officially survived 11 days of single parenthood!  Daddy comes home in a week!  I've gotten take out more often than I'd like to admit.  I'm currently obsessed with the Dragon Bowl from Fresh.  Why is it so delicious???

The days are flying by pretty quickly, though some hours feel super slow on days when Baby is cranky and won't nap.  If she doesn't nap, it means no downtime.... which means being "on" and in "alert and taking care of Baby" mode for 14 hours straight or more.  It can be a bit of a workout, mentally and physically.  I have much much much respect for you, single parents!  

I'm insanely lucky and blessed to have a Baby who is very rarely cranky and mostly very happy!

This week, Rowen rocked some pretty intense bedhead.  
Her hair's thinning out a bit but growing steadily.

We went to visit Auntie Jenn, Jaden and Nathan.  Rowen loves Jaden!

Jaden baked us cookies.  
Isn't this awesome?  Certainly upgraded from my beige rectangle easy bake from the 80's!

Some days, it's hard to get out of bed.  Some days, we don't even bother to for hours.

Gorgeous!  Go organic, guys. Seriously!

More bedhead

More Jolly Jumping!
These pants really are fabulous.  And how about those magnificent thighs?

This week, we really really love reading!

Momma trimmed all of Eileen's nails for the first time since Rowen was born.  
Yes, that means over four months of neglected talon growth.  :(  They were starting to get dangerous and I was afraid that she'd hurt the Baby accidentally, even though she's a gentle Bean. 
 I managed to escape the nail trim (mostly) unscathed...


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  1. okay, these pictures are beyond adorable! and i am just in love with that bedhead. too perfect for words!!
    xo TJ


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