Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few photos from our week so far....

 Walked in on them napping like this last weekend.  Excuse me, how cute, right? 

 She LOVES her baths!  Immediately after this, Ms. Rowen proceeded to spalsh me so hard that I had to change my shorts

Beeeeyoooty-fulll!  I enjoyed a Bailey's Coffee, my most favourite drink.

Lowell's gig this past Tuesday night got cancelled at the last minute, so we decided to send me on a solo dessert date while he put the baby to bed with a bottle.  I had not been alone (not counting the bathroom or Doctor's office) in.... AN ENTIRE YEAR!  

Ms. Baby is teething and can't stop drooling or keep her hand out of her mouth.

Her nails are also growing at such a rate that even though I try to trim them all the time (a few times a week!) , she keeps on scratching herself. :(

However, she is still her usual happy happy self!

Just us girls hanging out.  Eileen is pretty much Rowen's guardian cat these days...  Yeah, it's pretty darn cute.

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