Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last week.... (Highlight = Jolly Jumper!)

Lowell's Parents bought Rowen a Jolly Jumper last week.  It's definitely been a game changer for her.  She's ready to walk off on her own now...

"This thing is funny, Momma"
A few minutes into her first Jolly Jump here.  She hesitated for about...4 seconds and then she was off!

Bax gets a nice Jolly Jumping pat/lovesmack on the head.

The day before Lowell left, he got some cupcakes from For the Love of Cake.  Two of our favourites (his: salted caramel, mine: grasshopper) and two that were new to us.  

We cut each one in half like usual.  They were gone within a few hours.

Guard Bean

Toe time

Natalya came over with  bahn mi for dinner from Bahn Mi Boys.  SO SO SO GOOD!!  Thank-you Nat, it was much needed!

Another day, another Jolly Jump!

I love these little legs!!!!

There is a thunderstorm and lightening happening right now.  I've embarassingly been afraid of thunder and lightening my entire life.  I secretly want to bring the baby into bed with me so she can protect me with her cuddles.

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