Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's talk crib envy. (I'm not afflicted!)

This is the Oeuf Sparrow.  It's so beautiful isn't it?  

This is the IKEA Sundvik.  It's also pretty, right?

Baby stuff is funny.  For every item that you could think to buy for a baby, there exists a "luxury" version and a "budget" version.  How do you tell when it's actually worthwhile to splurge and when it's fine to be practical?  My answer so far to that question is.... it is hit and miss!  I think as a parent, you're inclined to want to spend as much as you can on Baby.  And if you have the money, I think you totally should!!  But in some cases, more expensive doesn't actually equal better.  (See: THE PUJ TUB.  Boo.)

I present to you, the crib that I would purchase for Rowen if it was practical for our budget.  In the grand scheme of things, $800 +tax for the Sparrow isn't that much money.  But when you can spend $159 on the Sundvik for something that's equally as safe and comfortable, I'm inclined to go with the slightly less attractive version and put the money towards say, a "luxury" mattress.  

The Oeuf is definitely prettier.  Oh so much pretty pretty.  It's made of solid birch and it's from fancy, ambigious "handcrafted in Europe" Land.  The Sundvik is kinda the awkward plain cousin.  Looks fine until you line it up right next to the pretty.  It's made of beech and fibreboard and is made by a machine in Sweden.  A plus is that both convert into nice looking little toddler beds when the time comes!  Of course, the Oeuf conversion kit costs another $300 while IKEA includes theirs.  Ultimately, both comply to the same safety standards.  So I say, spend the extra moolah on a great quality mattress since her little body is going to do so much important growing on it.  

I certainly wouldn't turn down an Oeuf if say, I won one or was gifted one.  It falls under the same category as the freakin' Stokke Xplory.  You know what I'm talking about!  (If you don't, google!)

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