Monday, June 25, 2012

I *heart* Bugaboo

For those of you who may not be familiar, this is an overview of why I was lusting after the Bugaboo Cameleon:

  • Reversible seat.  I was having anxiety that when Rowen moved onto the stroller portion of our current stroller and no longer fit into the infant seat, she'd be facing away from us.  No more eye contact!  But when she's older, I love the option of having her face out and look around
  • So easy to maneuver!!  We walk around almost exclusively on busy city sidewalks
  • Amazing design. Shock absorby wheels.  All-terrain capability!
  • PRETTY!!!

And well, admittedly, I had a case of childish jealousy.  I was seeing the other Mommas at the park and around the neighbourhood effortlessly pushing their strollers along with one hand and meanwhile, ours felt like a workout.  Others seems to glide over curbs and cracks in the sidewalks while we would jam into them and give Baby a jolt.  City sidewalks are surprisingly bumpy!

Anyway, I have a well-documented and slightly embarrassing case of Stroller Envy.  

I became obsessed with studying reviews, perusing the companies websites,  combing through Craigslist for secondhand deals for weeks.  I'd go into our local store that carries the "fancy" strollers and push them around.  I lusted after a Cameleon but found out that it wouldn't be available in Canada for the next whlile.  I balked at the idea of buying secondhand due to the potential of buying a defective  (we're talking about pushing the precious Rowen Baby in this thing!) or  stolen item.... then my amazing, generous Uncle sent one to Rowen as a gift!  Oh em geee!  Ladies and Gentlemen, this arrived at our door last week:

Our Bugaboo Cameleon in limited edition Electric Blue!

One of Bugaboo's main visions is mobility.  And man, I had no idea what a world of difference we were in for!  I swear they use some sort of magical stroller fairy dust on these wheels.  They glide along and absorb the shock of big bumps yet still "jiggling" Baby just the right amount that she's content that we're moving.

I was able to maneuver the Bug through inside the elevator and the narrow front hall of the apartment, without once bumping the walls.  I actually could do full turn in the elevator easily.  With out old stroller, it was a running joke that I 'bumper car-ed" into the elevator every time.

I walked home with my coffee in one hand and gently steering the Bug (with wrist strap on of course) with my free hand and I had no problems negotiating curbs, crazy CAMH-ers staggering in front of us, turning corners...  I could not believe it!

We are so spoiled to be blessed with a generous Uncle.  I think that everyone should have one of these. Everyone with a Baby, I mean.  Buying secondhand would be well worth it if it's not within your budget.  I recommend it to any parent, especially if you'll be spending time trekking around on foot like us.  This amazing contraption offers peace of mind and freedom.  Pushing the stroller has seriously become effortless!  And no more bumping Rowen's precious head when we bump into a curb instead of gliding over it!

The Cameleon has a bassinet option and then a seat for when Baby gets big enough to sit up.  At first, I was skeptical about the bassinet or "pram" look... but then after taking it out for a spin and seeing Rowen sprawled out luxuriously when she fell asleep, I got it.

For taking transit, I think that maybe the Bugaboo Bee would be easier as it's smaller and lighter but still has the magical Bugaboo fairy dust wheels... It would be easier to lug onto transit and has a one-piece fold if you chose to fold and sling it over your shoulder and hold Baby.  The Cameleon is not quite as portable as the chassis (frame thingy part) and the seat have to seperate to fold.   As a city dweller, if you could afford it, having a Bee and a Cameleon would be the dream.  I'm certainly not complaining though and am absolutely head over heels in LOOOVE with our Cameleon!

p.s. This entry is not endorsed by Bugaboo and is brought on strictly by my own insanity and endless praise for the Cameleon.

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