Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Gladstone Hotel

Lowell and I also had a lunch date this week at The Gladstone Hotel. It's a great little boutique hotel literally ACROSS THE STREET from our apartment. It's been great having it thisclose to home. I started suggesting brunch and lunch dates there when I was hugely pregnant... and then after the Baby was here, it was the most convenient location for baby's first restaurant venture and also Momma's first excursion sans baby!

For our lunch date, Lowell and I got there for the last 15 minutes of lunch so that there wouldn't be too many others in the restaurant. Sometimes when you're walking into a restaurant with a baby, you get the same looks as if you were getting onto a plane.    The café side was nice and quiet, just us and 2 other groups. Not that it mattered because the Rowen Baby was impeccably well behaved as usual! She just hung out in her seat playing with her blankets, eating her hand and watched us eat! Such a perfect little baby.

Everyone should have a lovely little getaway so close to home!

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