Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 months!

A few days late in posting an entry....

On Saturday, Rowen turned 5 months old.  5 months!  Okay, I don't know if I've said this before... but uh, time is flying by too quickly!  I think I've mentioned something along those lines once or twice already?

Lately, even though we see her every day, I'm finding that both Lowell and I are blurting out things like "Oh my God... she's so big!"  "Look how big she is!"   "When did she get so tall/strong?"  Miss Rowen insists on standing all the time now.  She rarely settles for sitting when she's being held in a lap.  She wants you to support her by her armpits and let her stand on her little feet.  Even more alarming to me is that occasionally, she'll stand on her own little feet while supported only by her hands!  This is all very exciting but I don't know if I've said this before...it's happening so fast!

I'll tell you more later about her hilarious new ability to chew on her own feet, her awesome new giggle (it's very French Man... Hehn-hoh-hoh-hoh!) and her adventures in her big girl crib (she's performs acrobatics every night and somehow we are miraculously insanely lucky and she continues to sleep through the night!)...

For now, I leave you with these:

Just after 5pm here...  Almost exactly 5 months old!

Her Rohawk is starting to fall flat some days because it's getting so long.  It's unpredictable.
Her hair is also starting to really thin out and I'm curious as to whether it will come back in a different colour!

"Yeah, this is my Momma.  We're pals, it's cool."


  1. I stumbled across this entirely by accident and words cannot express how absolutely thrilled I am that you are not only a mother but happy with your life.

    The last words you said to me were also entirely true; it was not until after that I finally managed to turn my life around and get it together.

    I wish you, Rowen, and Lowell all the best from the bottom of my heart.

    - Z

    1. Oh Wow! Not sure if you'll see this but I'm so happy to hear you're well! Thank-you for the well wishes and for leaving a message. Email's the same if you want to tell me more about what's new with you!


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