Tuesday, July 3, 2012

love her

I have no subject or rants to go with this entry.  I just wanted to share this new photo of a dressed down, hair au naturel, smiling Rowen Baby.

 Sometimes when Rowen is sleeping, I find myself flipping through photos of her on my phone and feeling such pride and overwhelming love and infatuation for this adorable little human.  I have to look at photos of her on the phone because what I'd really prefer to do is cuddle and smoosh her face but have to remind myself not to bug her.  She's such a good little baby who sleeps on her own from 9pm to 7am every night!  I've been waiting for and dreading this "4 month sleep regression" that everyone keeps warning us about... who knows if it will hit, but so far we're so spoiled.  I know that every parent thinks that their baby is the cutest and most well-behaved.  But I'm pretty sure mine actually is!  :D

Tonight in the car on the way home from spending the evening at Lowell's parents place, Rowen started giggling.  I'm not 100% sure what she was giggling at exactly... maybe my hat, or her owl toy or something she saw outside.  She kept giggling and then we'd start giggling back and then she'd giggle harder and we'd start laughing. And then in the middle of this, she suddently stopped giggling because she had zonked out and fell asleep.  It was unbelievably great.  I'm just obsessed with her newfound ability to laugh out loud!  How can one little person be so perfect and bring so much happiness, I ask ya!  

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  1. adorable.. they really are such precious and mysterious creatures.. other other day i had my two year old sit up on the counter near the sink while I loaded the dish washer.. it had him in fits of laughter.. never really though of loading the dishwasher as a funny chore.


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