Monday, July 30, 2012

Roadtrip to "The Sound"

Hey Everyone!  We're in Parry Sound right now!  

What is there to do in Parry Sound?  Well, I started asking people that question a few weeks ago when Lowell got a gig up here with accomodations included and we decided to make a family trip of it....   The verdict seems that there's not much to do up here.  But it's still been fun.  We had a perfect drive up and it's rather pretty along the highway here.  The hotel is....not too swanky.  It smelled a bit funny and we have a beautiful view of the McDonald's....but there is CABLE TV!   I cancelled my cable almost 6 years ago, so staying at hotels or visiting homes with cable is pretty exciting for me.  Serious.  No sarcasm.  

This was Rowen's first long car ride and first time sleeping away from home.  So far so good - she did great in the car and went to bed at her usual bedtime!  We debated about bringing her bathtub but figured since it was only one night, she could do with a sponge bath.  I wound up taking her in the shower with me and she was surprisingly not slippery like I expected her to be.  Being the most easy going adaptable Baby ever, she had a blast.  She was skeptical at first and then proceeded to giggle and try to grab the water.

It's funny how much I found myself stressing out about packing for Rowen. We are only gone for one night but I became so worried about forgetting stuff for her.  The nice thing about her still being exclusively breastfed is that as long as we remember diapers, there's not much else that she needs.  But lots of things are important, such as her sunscreen, clothes, blankets (to protect her from icky hotel sheets laundered in god knows what detergent....), pacifiers, books, toys....  I think I probably brought enough diapers for a week and so far she's gone through 4.

And after all that, I forgot to pack bottoms for myself.  So it looks like I shall be wearing my obnoxiously bright coral shorts tomorrow as well.

I will share some more photos from our week hopefully tomorrow before we come home... gotta take advantage of that FREE WI-FI, WHAT!

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