Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baking Cookies

I think it's a pretty well known fact that I LOVE COOKIES!  

This past week I've been into baking chocolate chip cookies.  I've done two different batches.  I'm trying to "invent" my own cakey-chewy type chocolate chip cookies, because those are my favourite kind and I'm a weirdo who can't follow recipes.

Baking is also kinda relaxing for me.  I hate the clean up but I love the process and the eating.  Is there anything better than a fresh gooey chocolate chip cookie with a glass of (almond) milk?  

So here's a funny story.  Remember how I mentioned that we live in a small space?  Well, now that Rowen is in her Big Girl crib, her "room" is the one corner of the living room that isn't windowed.  

After Rowen went to sleep tonight, I wanted to make some cookies but I was afraid that turning on my hand mixer would wake her.  So I measured out all my ingredients into different bowls in the kitchen, brought everything into the bathroom and made cookies there!   I went back to the kitchen after after the mixing part was felt kinda goofy, but it worked!  

Plus, it's very likely that my bathroom is cleaner than the kitchen.  But that's gross so don't tell anyone....

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