Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photos: This week...cookies, cupcakes and a rainbow oh my

I know I already shared this.  But I baked a lot of cookies this week.  

Rowen fits into the next size up of the onesies from the Baby Shower.
C is for Cupcake designed by Auntie Ange!

I made wontons.  Well, I made the filling and cheated with store-bought wraps.

Rowen discovers and is fascinated by the pockets on her pink "hot day" romper.

Just standing around, chewing on my fingers, waiting for Daddy to wake up....wearing a drum set onesie designed by Daddy.

Visited Katelyn on the Friday before her Monday due date!  Still no Baby Boy yet as far as I'm aware...but no text responses tonight could also mean Baby Time!

Katelyn also made Rowen an amazing cupcake blanket.  I still have to get some better photos of it as Rowen is trying to eat it in all the blurry photos that I managed.  Go to Katelyn's Blog to see photos of the most amazing cupcake blanket! It's so pretty and I can't get over the fact that she made it!

Found Bean sleeping under Rowen in her crib

Got caught in a crrraaaaazy sunshower/thunderstorm driving with the Baby after Meghan's Bridal Shower on Sunday.  Saw a pretty rainbow afterwards though!

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