Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photos: This week.... Daddy's home, Auntie Annie, Cats

This week.... instragrammed.

She wants to walk soooo bad!

Trying to fit the entire Bax in her mouth

Auntie Annie came to town!!  
Annie is my very Best Friend who's amazing and living her dream to live in NYC.  I miss her so and hope that one day soon she comes home and hangs out with us some more!

Sunglasses at brunch.  Ray Ban, so hip!


More Jolly Jumping, of course.  
Bax is loving the Jolly kicks to his head.... Oh Bax.

Bean says "Do not disturb plz"

Animals are so funny.

Momma got creative with Rowen Baby's 'do...

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  1. Rowen is so ridiculously adorable! I love your photo updates.

  2. Holy cow, Rowen's eyes.. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! xoxoxoxo


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