Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Cupcakes

Another day, another Ergo adventure.
Lately, we've been getting a lot of compliments about her pacifier strap.

Happy Canada Day! 

It wouldn't be like me to celebrate a Holiday without cake of some sort, right?  Rowen and I trekked to Dlish as planned.  I originally planned on picking up ONE of the special limited edition Canada Day red velvets (with cream cheese frosting and coconut mmm!)...  yet somehow when I got there, I found myself picking out a box of 6.  

Let it be known that I put half of them in the freezer "for Lowell when he gets back"!  And naturally, I'll be here to help him out with that.

Rowen is starting to show a real interest in food lately.  Whenever I eat, she watches intently.  I will sometimes pretend to offer her a bite of what I am eating (with an empty, clean spoon) and she readily accepts.  

Very, very, very soon, I know that I will have to learn to set a better eating example for her and not do things like eat three cupcakes for lunch. And not let her grab at cupcakes like they're toys. (But it's sooo cute and fun to see!)

Guess what else happened today??

After I left Dlish Cupcakes, I loitered around outside to check streetcar times on my phone.  I was feeling hot and lazy and to my dismay, the next streetcar wasn't coming for another 12 minutes.  So while I was contemplating where to go to kill time, my favourite cupcake man popped out and asked me to come back inside.  

So I followed him back into the store.  I was intrigued and excited!  He then offered me a first taste of their upcoming limited edition flavour... key lime!  I LOVE KEY LIME!  It was the perfect pick me up on a day when I was feeling a little bit down and worn out from Lowell being away.  I felt all silly and special with this secret new cupcake to try when I got home.

Yet another reason I file Dlish under "favourite places".  If you haven't been already, you should go as soon as possible please!

Keylime Cupcake. Key lime cake with key lime zest frosting and graham cracker crumbly top.  Yum yum yum!  


This week, Rowen has also started to show an interest in her feet. She's always enjoyed exploring and groping around with her fingertoes...but now she's actually aware of what she's doing.  She likes to throw her legs up in the air and wave them around like she just don't care.  

 Also, I'm pretty sure she is also about to cut a tooth anyday now! She's constantly shoving everything in her mouth and DROOOOLING.   Drooling like never before, especially seeing that she's never been a drooling baby.  It's very exciting and amazingly bittersweet watching her change.  She is growing SO FAST. Too fast!  I can't wait to see what she does next, as each new step has been amazing and adorable...but part of me wishes I could just hit pause for a little while.

Why hello there, foot.

Deep in thought at the park.

Kellie and I tried these delicious natural soda things on Saturday.  We got them along with an order of tacos from the brand new Barton Snacks on Queen West.  REALLY good! 

More on hanging out with Family in another entry later...

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