Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photos: This week... a roadtrip and more of our usual jam

We came home from Parry Sound.  We hit like, the worst rain/thunderstorm on the way home... total opposite of the beautiful sunny weather we had driving up.  

Miss Baby was impeccably well behaved once again.  The one thing that breaks my heart is whenever she wakes up from napping in the car, she holds her arms out to me (her way of asking to be picked up) and she doesn't understand why I don't pick her up for after-nap hugs.

They have a drive-thru Starbuck's in Parry Sound!  
We don't usually go to Stabuck's back home... but we went twice on this trip.  
For the record, a Starbuck's is pretty inefficient as a drive-thru...but totally a great novelty for us!

We stopped at a drum shop to get Lowell's drum fixed on the way home.  I fed Rowen and let her sit in my seat while we waited.  She immediately got busy alternating between rifling through my purse and chewing on her foot. A multi-tasking Baby!

Rowen and Chip continue to be BFFs

Rowen recently got signed to a modeling agency.  I don't really want to talk about it yet though because I still have mixed feelings of gulit about being one of those mothers.  Creepy exploiting stage/pagaent (shudder!!) mothers suck!

I can't stop saying "frrrrrench toast" ala Leslie Mann in The 40 Year Old Virgin!

Dim sum

 Craaaaaazy Happy Jumping Baby

Normal Happy Jumping Baby

They opened a cupcake cart at the Dirty Duff(erin Mall).  
Sigh... not surprisingly (but happily for the fatness of my butt) they were kinda dissapointing cupcake specimens...

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