Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photos: This week.... Hot Hot Summer and the Bugaboo gets a makeover

Man oh man, it has been a HOT couple of weeks! We're in full blown summer now.  I can't believe how HOT this year has been!  It wasn't this hot last summer was it?  I guess not because we're breaking all sorts of records this year.  I find these humid, hot awful days have been putting a damper on our daily walks and excursions because well, I hate being hot.  And so does the Baby!  She gets sweaty super easily and is definitely fussy and grumpy when she's too warm.  I feel guilty hanging around indoors all day because I feel like it's harder to keep her stimulated.  I'm afraid that she's bored sometimes but I really do think the air conditioning is just more Baby (and Momma) friendly.

Rowen, two days shy of 5 months in this photo.  FIVE MONTHS!

The Bugaboo got a makeover for the hot Summer days:

Before (and we'll revert back to this later in the year when it's cooler outside again)...

And after!  We got a summer canopy and seat liner to keep the sweaty Baby cool.  Now I like to call the stroller "Flounder".
Rowen is drooling and intently watching Lowell eat a wild blueberry danish from Mabel's.  She is so interested in food these days.  I'm excited about feeding her solids starting next month but it also falls under the category of things that are happening waaaaaay too fast!!!!

Went to the mall by myself this week!  Got a Cinnabon for dinner (sigh, a guilty pleasure that I can't seem to quit!).  Felt super weird about not having the Rowen the whole time...

We sold Rowen's cradle to my friend and former co-worker Ashley.  
I was really excited about seeing  pregnant Ashley for the first time and insisted on forcing her to take a photo with me!  I still can't get over it sometimes when people I've known for ages are having babies! 

The piano in Trinity-Bellwoods.  It was cool, so here is another shot from that day.

Saw this on our walk.  Cute right?

"Your hands are different from mine...."

Gooood Kitty!  

Oh man, I love those two!  

Rowen is also completely in love with her cats.  She giggles when she sees them now.  Both of the cats are astonishingly good at being careful and gentle around her.  Rowen doesn't quite get it yet but seems to understand that she can't put the cats in her mouth and is learning that she needs to be gentle.  There has definitely been a gradual decrease in ear pulling and fur grabbing...

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