Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We're finally getting a fancy camera because I killed my Galaxy SII

Well, where shall we begin?

This Friday, Rowen will be 10 months old and I will be 29 years old!

10 months??  What, really?  And also, 29 years??  What, really?  One of the girls at work asked me today how old I was and it was my first time saying "29 on Friday" and I had such mixed feelings about it.  Mostly I'm pretty okay with it.  I feel like a have a lot to show for my 29 years of being alive!

Auntie Sara took this photo of Rowen with her fancy new camera!

We are thinking of getting a "fancy" camera and a new hard drive as our "Family" Christmas present.  Except we know nothing about cameras really.  Anyone have any advice?  Do you love your camera?  We are thinking some sort of point and shoot thing or maybe one of those new hybrid things with the fancy lens that we don't know how to use that can pop on and off?

So....related story, the other day, in a frenzy to catch up on laundry as soon as I got home from work, I tossed in a load of darks as soon as I walked through the door.  Then I remembered that my scrubs weren't too horrible nasty and could go in with the load, so I grabbed them and chucked them in.

About 5 minutes into the cycle,  while I was trying to get lunch together for Rowen, I hear a strange "thud-THUMP, thud-THUMP" from the machine.  

That would be the sound of my precious beautiful Samsung Galaxy S11 X slowly dying in the washing machine.  I pulled her out right away and Lowell got out some rice from the cupboard for her to go into...  but I knew in my heart that it was too late.  The worst thing about all this was that my photos somehow were no longer saving to my SD card and were saved to the drive on the phone... so, it seems that over 2000-something photos, 99% of which were photos of Rowen over the past almost 10 months are now GONE.  I totally suck.  :(

AND Telus won't offer my any upgrades or "offers" until next year.  So it was either buy the phone that I want (Galaxy S III, baby!) for like, a billion and three dollars...  or get a crappy pay as you go handset.  Since I don't have a billion and three dollars to spare, I am not using a stupid old school phone that I haaaate.  *Sigh*  I miss you, Galaxy.  

But alas, there are worse things that could happen.  It totally sucks that it took my phone dying for me to finally be motivated to get a proper camera to take proper photos of the Baby.  And it totally sucks that it took my wiping out ALL my Rowen photos for me to finally get a hard drive.  But there are worse things that could happen is what I keep reminding myself!  

And really, Rowen makes eveyrthing better.

The Rowen Baby is happy and healthy and we're getting ready to celebrate her first Christmas!  

I am happy and healthy and hilaaaaaarious when eating dinner naked.  
(I said I would never post nudey pics of the Baby online.  But this one was too awesome not to share.  Sorry, Rowen Baby!)

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