Thursday, April 26, 2012

Class Reunion!

Our pre-natal class reunion party was last night. It was super fun seeing everyone and their babies! The past year has definitely been a girl boom. Out of my friends and friends of friends, everyone I knew had girls. In our pre-natal class, 8 out of 10 babies were girls! 80% girls!

We don't really have any baby friends nearby so it was neat meeting babies who were all born within a few weeks of Rowen. If anyone from the class who reads this doesn't want this photo posted, please let me know!

Hopefully we can get together again further down the road and compare baby stories again. Or maybe I can finally find someone to go to a stoller movie with me. The idea of going to one of those Mom and Baby movies used to sound godawful to me... and to be honest, it does sound kinda like a stressful silly situation but I WANT TO SEE THE HUNGER GAMES, DAMNIT!

Below are the Orange Pekoe shortbreads that I bakes for Lowell's Grandma's 90th Birthday party. Or Rowen's Great Gramma;s 90th Birthday party. Great-grandma likes orange pekoe tea so I took some liberties on on Mom's and "The Happy Baker's" (my current new fun baking cookbook) shortbread recipe and invented these. HOLY RUN ON SENTENCE, BATMAN!

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