Monday, April 30, 2012

Dino shirt!

I love dressing the baby in little outfits!

Especially now that she's older (an elderly 11 weeks tomorrow!) and is becoming less of a baby blob with each day that passes. Teeny tiny leggings and hoodies? How cute right?

I love putting her in leggings. Maybe because I'm lazy and they're my favourite form of "pants". Or maybe because it just seems to make sense, with frequent diaper changes and not restricting those chubby chubby thighs. We have flowered leggings, ones with frilly cuffs and all different colours.

My favourite colour to put her in is green for some reason. She just seems to look good in light green and white.

There seems to be some silly rule at the stores where girl clothes are pink and flowery and boy clothes are blue and have cool sharks and dinos and monsters on them. The beautiful thing about having a baby girl to dress up is that I can pick and choose the best of both worlds. Adorable pink frilly bummed leggings and THIS AMAZING DINOSAUR shirt that I just ordered from The Children's Place? Don't mind if I do!

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