Friday, November 9, 2012

Photos: Kitty Cat Clean-up Crew, Evergreen Brickworks, Z eats more doughnuts

Well!  I think I officially give up trying to do one of these "photo updates" every week.

Rowen has become a little bit obsessed with our devices.  Mainly the computer, the iPad and our phones.  I had this theory that if we withheld them from her, it would make them elusive and therefore more appealing.  But letting her handle them every day has made them non-elusive and really appealing.  She knows how to scroll through photos of herself using the touchscreen on my phone!    Hmmm.  
The Baby with One Legwarmer

The other day, I turned around for a minute and she pulled the computer onto her blanket and typed a message to Annie.  She even managed to sent it and everything!

Both Cats have been chipping in and doing their part to help out with taking care of Rowen...

Kitty clean-up crew at work under the highchair.
With cats like these, who needs a dog?

The cats have been more than  happy to clean up Rowen's avocado scraps and salmon spills (no interest in broccoli though).   It's kinda gross but it helps me with my clean I allow it.

Ha!  Speaking of "kinda gross".  Oh IKEA, your $4.99 meatball plate is simultaneously so very unattractive but so appealing at the same time.  

I had my "night out" last night while Lowell stayed home with the sleeping Baby.  Annie and I went to IKEA to pick up her surprisingly compact yet shockingly heavy bedframe and lugged it home.  (We really know how to party!)  In related new,  I also discovered that I'm frighteningly out of shape....

I wonder why? 

Krispy Kremes!  
I've been kinda off cupcakes lately and my on again off again affair with doughnuts is in full on googley-eyed Honeymoon phase.  

Apple Beignet and waffle combo with whipped cream, apple compote and caramel sauce from the Farmer's Market at Evergreen Brickworks.  

We went to the market this past Saturday.  Have you been to the Evergreen Brickworks lately?  I hadn't been down there in years!  It's neat being down in the valley underneath the highway.  We picked up some organic maple syrup and ate lunch and watched and danced to music.  It was a lovely outing.  Chilly but lovely.

My new favourite onesie and tights on Rowen.  
Grey and white polka dots and hot pink legs?  
Oh my!

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