Wednesday, May 16, 2012

E-V-O-O on the Ro-Baby

Rowen had a Doctor's appointment yesterday to check out the red patches on her arms and legs. Poor girl has very dry skin and I was afraid it was turning into eczema. She doesn't seem uncomfortable or bothered so we're to just keep going with the moisturizing constantly. I've tried a few different baby moisturizers... does it seem strange to anyone else that "alcohol" is an ingrediant in most bottles lotions? So I started using her all-natural olive oil based bum balm... and then just straight olive oil! I put olive oil in her bath water a few nights ago, just on a whim and according to the Doc, this is A-Ok! It makes for a very, very slippery baby though.

The baby in the bathroom mirror met us at the Doc's Office. Rowen was pleased to see her friend there!

Oh! And our little baby tank weights 15lbs 1oz now! My stomach may be flopjibbily still but my arms are starting to look good carrying this amazing ever growing bebe around!

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