Monday, May 21, 2012

Momma's first night out

Rowen and I had a busy weekend! Lowell was working all day Saturday, so he dropped us off at the mall when he headed out. Rowen and I shopped a bit (new hairclips!) and then walked home together in the hot hot sun. Then we strapped ourselves into the Ergo and headed to the park and met up with Uncle Bert and Aunt Nat and their friends. We got some snacks from Fresh on the way home and then Rowen and I got cleaned up for our evenings. Lowell and Rowen had their first night in together without me and Momma had her first night out in MONTHS!

It was a good good friend's "Bacherlorette of sorts" and I tried my best to not stress about the Baby and trust her Daddy. I only called once and texted maybe.....6 times? And I had my first drink in almost a year!! It was a lovely time but around midnight, my boobs sprung a leak and it was time for Momma to head home!

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