Sunday, May 13, 2012

our first Momma's Day

I woke up to this and a sack of Lush stuff waiting for me on the coffee table this morning:
Lowell wanted to take me out to Breakfast/Brunch... Perhaps Dim Sum or Easy? Anywhere! It was my choice. I chose McDonald's, bahaha. I abused my powers. I figured we can go for dim sum or regular breakfasts anytime and since Lowell dislikes McDonald's and we never go there. The last time I convinced him to eat Dirty McDonald's breakfast with me was when I was pregnant and we were braving the mall on Boxing Day. Bahahaha... I pretty much constantly crave Sausage Egg McMuffins but rarely do I succumb. Only on special occasions apparently.
We were there during breakfast-to-lunch switchover and I contemplated getting some McNuggets too.
Next, since Rowen was snoozing happily in her stroller, we headed to Clafouti. The next stop on my food trek. We got there and plain croissants and pain au chocolat AND cinnamon brown sugar croissants were sold out. All my favourites! Actually, they were just sold out of everything.
So we headed to Dlish for Cupcakes. I chose to get a Red Velvet and a Dark Chocolate. They didn't survive the trip home though.... wah.
They were smushed but still very delicious!
We also hung out in the park for a bit.
Rowen seemed the most interested in checking out the grass and cement on the ground than anything else. She makes the best faces when the breeze gets her and her little Ro-hawk wafts in the wind. I can't wait to take her to the park this summer!
When we got home, I took a long shower will Lowell hung out with Rowen Baby. Lowell and Rowen had gotten me a bunch of my favourite stuff from Lush and I decided to break out a chunk of my most favourite Lush soap that got discontinued. Bathing in I Should CoCo and using Big and American Dream in my hair made the bathroom smell like my early 20's. Serious smell-flashbacks!
It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and first Mother's Day.
I love Rowen Baby so much and want to cuddle her and squidge her face every day for the rest of her life!
Oh! And just before this, I was scrolling around my posts page and realized that I never published our Easter entry! So HERE it is! Cute photos of Rowen as the Esster bun-bun, right this way!

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  1. Wow, McD's, cupcakes and stuff from LUSH...."these are a few of my favourite things.." Glad you had a great day!


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