Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama Day!

My first Mother's Day! (But hey, not to discount all my past "Cat Momma's Days, they were all great too!) Last year, we didn't even know about the Rowen Baby yet... my how things change in a year. Some days, I'm still in awe that I'm a Mother to this adorable little human. How cool is that?? I can't imagine my life without Rowen, she is just everything. I can't believe she is 3 months old already tomorrow! I can't wait for the next new magical thing she surprises us by doing. Every cliché about a Mother's Love continues to be true. I love you, Rowen Baby! And I love my Momma, even if we've had our troubles I couldn't have survived the adventure that was the first few weeks of Mommahood without her here with me.
Now I am off to take a shower with my new Lush things and then see what else we get up to today.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers, Pet Mommas and Mother-figures and Mothers to be!!

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