Saturday, August 13, 2011

latte from HEAVEN a.k.a. Si Espresso

Today I ordered a small iced soy latte from Si Espresso Bar at Broadview and Danforth. I like going there because the owner is friends with a lot of the Yoga folk here at work. He's consistent and friendly, the espresso is always strong but yummy and they have this amazing mini lemon pound cake.

Anyway, this was my first caffeinated drink in 9 days and first espresso in maybe over 2 weeks. I don't generally crave coffee anymore and have been trying to watch my caffeine intake. Once a every week or two though, I have a day where I just "need" it. My Momma friend Jenn... as well as the forum Mommas and all the reading I've done says that a cup, or even two, of coffee A DAY is safe for Kittenhearts. I reason a latte every week and a half is my acceptable amount.

I swear this latte was laced with...i dunno, some sort of mood-lifting, delicious, mind altering drug. It was perfectly cold, bittersweet and simply divine. I felt like going back in and hugging the owner, but I had already crossed the street and it'd be kinda weird anyway. The drink was so good I found myself smiling lovingly at it for the next hour and half while I savoured it at my desk. I still haven't thrown the cup in the garbage.

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