Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So it begins

I am glad that the all-day all-night nausea seems to have subsided (waking up in the middle of the night and almost puking on the cat sucked). But now a new non-sleeping affliction has come up. My most favourite position to sleep in is on my stomach. I love it. I've slept comfortably on my stomach for my entire life. Both arms under the pillow, head to the right or left, flat on the stomach... heaven. Sometimes a slight variation such as arm under the pillow, one leg bent at the knee, mostly sleeping on the stomach is lovely too. This past week, it's suddenly become increasingly uncomfortable to rest on my belly for more than 15 minutes or so. I've tried propping myself up with a triangle of pillows, but it's just not the same. I wake up feeling cranky and look over at Lowell sleeping on his stomach and feel intense jealousy. R.I.P. my nights of resting in peace.

It begins now.... 186 more days is it? 186 days... and the next EIGHTEEEN YEARS after! :P

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