Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Newest lovely pregnancy symptom: Moodswings!

The other day, I got WHITE HOT RAGING MAD at Lowell for going to the store and coming back with a jar of pickles. I mean, HOW DARE HE...because I HATE PICKLES!!! I've always hated pickles and ever since being pregnant, I've hated them ever so much more. The smell of them, the mere thought of smelly crunchy sour pickles, grosses me out. I always read that they are the most commom preggo-craving...I find that thought revolting. Anyway, back to the other day. Lowell comes home with a jar of pickles and NO NUTELLA for me. Did I specifically request Nutella? Well, no. But I had implied it in passing hours earlier that day and HOW DARE he come home without Nutella for me? I screamed and cried like a crazy person. He cowered and screamed back. It was intense. I threatened to dump the pickles down the drain after he went to do his radio interview. Then calmed down and felt stupid and took a nap.

The pickles are safe and sound and disgusting as ever in the fridge. I bought a big jar of Nutella the next day.

I blame it on "being pregnant" but in all likelihood, I'm just a crazy person who throws produce and dumps things down the drain on a regular basis even when not pregnant.

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