Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Months!!!

Today Rowen is SEVEN MONTHS OLD!  7!  She is now closer to being a year old than being a newborn, what?

Um, I don't know if I've mentioned this before ever...but HOLY MOLY TIME IS FLYING BY!

A year ago today, I posted this video and blog entry about hearing her "Kitten Heart" beating at the Doctor's office.  The Doc was still in the old dingy building at Women's College and now we're over in the swanky brand new building.  A year ago today I was tired and pukey and starting to get a little bump belly.  It was only a year ago!  Sometimes that feels like so long ago but most days, most days just fly by too quickly.  Some hours can feel long, like when Rowen won't nap and wants me to dance around with her (no sitting allowed, Momma!)  or when she gets fiesty and knocks an entire dish of butternut squash onto the floor and it hits the cat on the way down (and then the butternutcat of course immediately heads for the couch, eugh).

Lowell and I were looking at old videos of Rowen from the first few weeks and months at home.  It's just astounding how much she grows up week after week.  They do so much growing up within even just one week sometimes, all the changes just build up and sneak up on you.  We almost forget that wait a minute, she couldn't hold up her head a few months ago!  Now she happily does Yoga while riding around on Daddy's shoulders (while Momma has a nervous heart attack).   She didn't know how to giggle at one point.  Now she's always giggling and it's just the best thing ever.   I love watching her figure things out and I love being goofy, making up songs and showing her new cool things to achieve that hilarious squeal of delight from her!

Rowen at 4 months, watching us at Lelend's Birthday Brunch.

Rowen dancing with Daddy.  She squealed every time we spun around together, so it's a blurry blurry video.  

(I posted it the other day but had to share it again since it so perfectly demonstrates her delightful squeeeeaaaal!)



  1. happy 7 months to Rowen! What a cute name! xo

    1. Thank-you Elease!
      p.s. I think it is SO COOL that you're a ballerina! So hooked on your beautiful blog now! :)

  2. ohhh she is sooo cute!

    1. Thank-you Jessica! Obviously I'm a bit biased but I think she's definitely one of the all-time cutest Babies. :)


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